Sunday, March 4, 2012

On Sundays I Smile 3.4.12

On Sundays I smile.

I share these moments with you.


While doing a load of laundry this week, I was disturbed by what sounded like a car engine rattling around inside the washer.  I was relieved to discover the cause was merely the detritus of small boys - Legos and Nerf darts.

A brief description of what happened when I discovered these burgundy velvet Jimmy Choo pumps at my local Goodwill:
  • I squealed out loud,
  • was glared at by Goodwill staff,
  • applauded by customers,
  • and slunk out in sorrow because, alas, they were not my size.

    Saturday is Pancake Day in my house. We like to jazz up op pancakes with raspberry jam, and chocolate syrup, and apricot preserves, and butter, and whipped cream, and basically any condiments in our refrigerator because we're crazy like that.

    I felt a little adventurous while thrifting this week, so I impulsively decided to wind my way through a decidedly dangerous neighborhood in search of a new thrift store. Boy, was I glad I did. The store I found was cavernous, clean, and well-organized. 

    Dinner last night: Icy mugs of beer and mini lobster rolls at Whiskey Cake. Decadence.

    My book arrived from the publisher this week. I might have cried a little. Okay, a lot. Ordering information coming tomorrow!
    Now it's your turn. 

    What were the best parts of your week? Leave a comment and share your smiles.

    All photos taken with Instagram: dresscourage